The Single Woman's Prayer

Please God, let a man come into my life who will wine me, dine me, dance me, and make love to me until I can't walk unassisted.  Make him big and strong so that he can protect me from the perils of life and pushy retail sales clerks.   Make him have a good sense of humor, love to listen to rock 'n roll -especially the Rolling Stones circa 1969 to 1978 - and love to dance close and sexy horizontally as well as vertically.  Make him have a conversational knowledge of the arts, gastronomy, beaches and mountains worldwide and all related sports.  Make him be supportive of everything I do, every idea I have and make him treat me like royalty.  Make him laugh at every funny or not so funny thing I say.  And, lastly be sure he knows which fork to pick up first at a multi-course dinner party.  Please God, this is the basic package.  We can upgrade, but I thought my first request should be simple and we can work into something bigger later. I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks God.



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