If you're under 40, no under 45, have only ever lived in no more than two zip codes, have never experienced the pleasures of nature -- the mountains, the ocean, the desert or anything in between that was green and outdoors -- have political views that veer too far to the right and never understood the pop culture of any decade past, go back now.

Penelope Bijoux is an observer of the human condition. She is sometimes irreverent, but not cynical. She is whimsical, but poignant as she attempts to report her observations through her own experiences here. This web site was designed as a forum for those observations and also as a vehicle for preservation of societal traditions and for others to share their wisdom and experiences.

Please feel free to give us your thoughts and observations. As this forum evolves we want to develop an exchange for your ideas, thoughts and observations. We will, with time and some liberal editing attempt to merge that exchange into Penelope Bijoux.com.


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